Tune Up

Tune Up/Maintenance      

Firing Order1-4-3-2
Point Gap.16" -.020"
Dwell Angle44-50 Degrees
Total Advance30-34 Degrees
Spark Plug Gap

.024" - .028"

Oil Capacity (stock)2.65 Qts
Transmission Capacity3.15 Qts New, 2.65 Qts Refill

Valve Specifications 

1300cc Exhaust Valve30mm
1300cc Intake Valve33mm
1500/1600cc Exhaust Valve32mm
1500/1600cc Intake Valve35.5mm
Aftermarket valves35.5,37,40,42,44mm
Valve Lash (cold).004"-.006"
Rocker Arm Side Clearance.005"

Camshaft Specs 

Camshaft End Play.0016"-0051"
Cam Gear Backlash000-.002"
Lifter to Cam, Clearance at Full Lift.040"
Oil Pump Drive Gear.200"-.250"

Crankshaft Dimensions 

1500/1600cc Stroke69mm
Crankshaft End Play.003"-.005"
Distributor Drive End Play.005"-.020"
#1, 2, & 3 Main Journal2.1640"-2.1648"
#4 Main Journal1.5739"-1.5748"

Main Bearing Dimensions 


Main Bearing Thrust 


Rod Dimensions 

13/15/1600cc5.394" Length   2.165" Bearing Diameter
Side Clearance.004"-.016"
Wrist Pin Diameter22mm (.866")

Stock Rods install with forged mark facing upward

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