Dune Buggy Gauges

Our dune buggy gauges are designed to provide you with a way to personalize your dashboard while, at the same time, making sure that speed, voltage and other readings are accurate. From VW temperature gauges to fuel level indicators, we have a wide selection of designs and brands to choose from.

As one of the most relied upon components in a dune buggy, VW gauges are designed to be accurate and fairly easy to maintain. On specialized vehicles such as sand rails based on the VW, a speedometer and other accurate gauges can prevent accidents and other car troubles.

Dune buggy gauges need to be durable and have a high level of visibility because they are often used in locations that can cause problems for less hardy vehicles, such as deserts or sandy beaches.

From the VW voltmeter to your vehicles fuel levels, you should always make sure that everything reads accurate to prevent yourself from getting into trouble. As much as possible, install only the right components that will guarantee you a smooth ride and trouble-free days on the road. Find a selection of high quality VW gauges here at Apple Tree Auto.


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