VW Seats

Safety and comfort are among the most important factors that high-quality VW seats and sand rail seat belts can add to off-road driving. By being equipped with all the essential security needs, you can be confident in every drive; the need for worrying is taken away as the sand rail seats, paired with VW seat belts, should do the work for you.

Here at Appletree Automotive, we can provide you with all your OEM interior needs; from VW carpet kits to VW headliners, everything you need is only a few clicks away. We also offer a variety of aesthetic enhancers as well such as seat covers and designed floor mats. From our catalog of VW seats, sand rail seat belts and other supplementary components, we are certain that you can be more comfortable when driving off-road.

Equip your car with all the essential parts such as quality sand rail seats, suspension seats, VW seat belts and more to feel the difference in every drive. Throw away your worries and just allow yourself to fully enjoy the off-road experience in safety, thanks to Appletree Automotive.

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