VW Suspension Parts

High quality VW suspension parts are essential for ensuring the quality and performance of a dunebuggy. As the main system responsible for keeping your vehicle's tires on the ground, you have to make sure that your dunebuggy suspension parts can keep up with the rough terrain that you will subject it to.

Here at Appletree Automotive, we have everything you will need to improve and maintain your vehicle's performance. From spring plates and bump stops, to torsion adjusters, shocks mounts and more. By installing our available sand rail suspension parts, you are ensuring yourself of smoother rides down rocky paths and more control when passing leveled terrain. You will truly be able to enjoy your off-road trips more.

Our VW suspension parts are available at discounted prices, and you can save up to 10% from their original costs. With this kind of a deal, you can equip yourself with all you need to get your buggy's suspension system at its best condition, allowing you to go off-road without worrying about damaging your shocks or wearing out ball joints.

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