Throttle Cables, Clutch Cables, and More

Appletree Automotive provides you with an extensive selection of throttle cables, clutch cables, and all other dune buggy lines you will need. While often vulnerable to deterioration, these tense wires are important to ensure responsiveness and stability in your vehicle.

We have divided the products into eight different categories based on their functions. Besides those mentioned above, we also carry lines sorted into the following categories: Sandrail accelerator cables, stock accelerator cables, emergency brake cables, heater cables, speedometer cables, and Morse throttle cable accessories. By clicking on any of these categories, you will be redirected to the selected category's webpage, where you will find our wide selection of products to choose from.

By securing your throttle cables, clutch cables, and the rest, you are making sure that your vehicle's response time, safety features and overall performance are kept in check.

Drive off-road with confidence that every part of your vehicle is well-maintained with durable, premium cables, made available by Appletree Automotive.

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