Dune Buggy Tires

Feel the full power of your off-road vehicle by getting premium dune buggy tires here in Appletree Automotive. We can provide you with all the essential parts you need to modify, improve, repair, and maintain your dune buggy wheels.

We have also divided the parts into 24 different categories, to help you find exactly what you need. We carry items of all types; from spindle mount wheels, stock rims, and sand viper paddles, to smaller components like lug nuts, hub caps, and spindle nuts.

Get your dose of racer's adrenaline as we supply you with a multitude of products designed to keep your dune buggy off-road tires at its peak. You will surely enjoy your off-road rides more with the parts to create the ideal dune buggy tires that we have available.

As an added advantage, when you purchase enough to reach at least $199 on your bill, we will throw in your shipping costs for free. This way, you will not need to worry about extra shipping charges.

With a new set of wheels, you will surely feel the difference as you ride off-road, challenging the terrain with your fully equipped dune buggy.

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