VW Off-Road Accessories

Enhance your off-road experience by equipping your buggy with top-quality VW off-road accessories, available here at Appletree Automotive. From whip mounts to foot rests, these dune buggy accessories are designed to improve your ride's comfort, stability, and safety.

Appletree Auto offers one of the most reasonably priced selections Volkswagen off-road accessories will find online. Installing these sand rail accessories can make a significant change to your experiences when driving on rougher terrain. With safety as our main priority, we make sure to offer these superior-quality products that will aid you on your trips.

Some of these accessories, such as the roll bar padding and the Tiger shoulder pads, come in a variety of colors to best suit your preference. These VW off-road accessories' assortment of colors allows you to personalize your buggy even more, giving it a signature color and style.

With these dune buggy accessories, you can be certain that your security is covered no matter how rough the terrain can be; from hills and dunes, to gravel and dirt roads, there's no stopping you from having a good time on your buggy.

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