Tightening Torque

Torque Guide
Connecting Rod    Nuts22-25
Crankcase Nuts (12mm)18
Crankcase Nuts (8mm)14
Cylinder Head Nuts (10mm)23
Cylinder Head Nuts (8mm)18
Rocker Shaft Nuts14-18
Crankshaft to Flywheel Bolt253
Sump Screen Nuts5
Oil Drain Plug25
Oil Pump Nuts14
Clutch to Flywheel Bolts18
Spark Plugs22-29
Generator Pulley Nut40-47
Fan Nut40-47
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt29-36
Engine to Transmission22
Intake Manifold Bolt14
Oil Cooler Nut5
Generator Pulley Nut43
Fan to Generator/Alt Nut43
Flywheel Gland Nut280
Axle Nut280

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